Hey, my name is Sibongile Mkoba, I am a subversive, passionate and dynamic young creative who has seen my passion for the media arts take me through my current studies at Coventry University in order to obtain a BA in media and communications.
My studies have challenged me to not only grow as a student but, to build myself up as a professional individual. This continuous journey of professional development has seen me grow a number of professional and personal dexterities to help me become more proficient in my day to day tasks. Examples of these skills in action are highlighted throughout my online portfolio, along with ‘live’ examples of ongoing projects such as my ‘Oscar sometimes’ podcast and ‘Subversivicity blog’. Projects which highlight my interest in journalistic abilities as well as being a key opinion generator in our saturated world of media.

However, regardless of my interest in journalism, I am actively seeking opportunities to enter the world of Advertising and Marketing, skills which I hope to gain in my up-coming apprenticeship with the Coventry city of culture bid team.

My love for music as I am a singer-songwriter has allowed me to gain personal first-hand experience as I manage my public artist pages and all forms of paid promotions, networking with other artist and publishers of musical platforms in order to gain a more exponential presence. Which I intend to keep on growing in all aspects of my personal and professional development.